On June 29, 2017, Michael D. Cory became the President of Cory Telecom, Inc. after John F. Cory Sr. retired and John F. Cory Jr. sold his shares of stock back to the company.

  Michael has over 25 years of  telecommunications experience, and offers you quality phone and data cable installation.

The company is dropping phone system installations, but will continue to do subcontract work and cable installation and repair work.


   We are no longer licensed in New Mexico, as John Sr. held the license.  He started with AT&T Long Lines in October 1968 and has worked in the telecommunication industry for over 48 years and will be missed. 

Email us at sales@corytelecom.com or service@corytelecom.com

806-797-2908 or Toll Free 800-380-3522 email address - sales@corytelecom.com service@corytelecom.com